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A Wellness Oasis in the Middle of the City

We are a New York based out-patient physical therapy clinic founded by Michelle Rodriguez MPT, OCS, CMPT. Our comprehensive method of care combines orthopedic manual therapy with a holistic approach to achieve long-term wellness. With additional specialties in dance medicine and rehabilitation, our unique perspective is sought by a broad range of patients, including those recovering from acute injury, those managing chronic conditions, and those seeking improved physical performance. Our goal is to help each patient reach optimal health through personalized quality care.

Michelle Rodriguez PT Superstar.
Michelle Rodriguez is in a class by herself. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable, highly skilled and the results support her novel therapeutic approaches. Michelle has taken physical therapy to a higher level.
— Roy G.
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More Than Just a Physical Therapy Facility, Ours Is a Sanctuary for Body and Spirit

Manhattan Physio Group is more than just a rehabilitation facility – it's an oasis for your body and spirit in the midst of Midtown. When we built Manhattan Physio Group, we handpicked some of the best therapists from different holistic modalities to join our community. 


Our Services


GYROTONIC®Training at Manhattan Physio Group is very specialized. We can build a routine for you depending on your level of endurance, or you can have personalized sessions tailored by our highly skilled trainers and collaborative physical therapists. Learn how to coordinate your breath with your movement while building strength, flexibility, and balance.

Massage Therapy

Stressed? Tight muscles? Or simply want to complement your exercise routine or rehabilitation? Our licensed massage therapists offer a relaxing and therapeutic experience that addresses and relieves pain through myofascial release. Treat your body and mind to a therapeutic massage. Call us now and book your appointment!


We wouldn't be a complete holistic wellness center without offering Acupuncture. Benefits include:

Decreased muscle tension

Immune system strengthening

Minimal invasiveness 


Pain relief and management

Read more about Acupuncture and its benefits here.


We welcome to the practice Michelle Pesce Goldfarb, Certified Nutritional Therapist. Michelle is the founder of Hello Palate, a science based nutritional practice with a compassionate understanding of the relationship food has on one's overall health. Her approach is custom tailored to each person's individual needs. 

Read more about Michelle here.

Give us a call at 212.247.8436 and schedule your appointment today!

Outstanding Staff
The staff at MPG is superb in every way possible. Their knowledge, diagnostic and treatment skills, and all around level of professionalism are unparalleled, in my experience. All patients, whatever their difficulties and needs, will be helped.
— Z S
Easy and Efficient. James give great guidance on how the process with work and then delivers on that outline. He makes it easy and efficient which is what we need in any delivery of services in today’s busy world. I would recommend MPG highly to anyone looking for physical therapy.

— Charlie Horne




Manhattan Physio Group

Improving the lives of New Yorkers,

dancers, performers, athletes

and people from around the world.


Wellness at its Best in New York City and Around the World

At Manhattan Physio Group, we believe in care, integrity, compassion, and innovation. It is our mission to provide this and more to every patient and client. This is what builds our reputation as the leading provider in physical therapy and wellness in New York City and around the world. People tell us that when nothing else seems to work, they come to us for results.

We are Manhattan Physio Group.