More Than Just a Physical Therapy Facility, Ours Is a Sanctuary for Body and Spirit


Manhattan Physio Group is more than just a rehabilitation facility – it's an oasis for your body and spirit in the midst of Midtown. When we built Manhattan Physio Group, we handpicked some of the best therapists from different holistic modalities to join our community. 




GYROTONIC®Training at Manhattan Physio Group is very specialized. We can build a routine for you depending on your level of endurance, or you can have personalized sessions tailored by our highly skilled trainers and collaborative physical therapists. Learn how to coordinate your breath with your movement while building strength, flexibility, and balance.

Meditation and Yoga

We are happy to introduce our Wednesday morning and night meditation classes with the amazing Jessica Dixon Majka.

Start your day the right way with a meditation class with this wonderful teacher. Can't make it in the morning? No worries, we've got you covered! Come to our night session! Space is limited so call ahead to make your appointment!

Massage Therapy

Stressed? Tight muscles? Or simply want to complement your exercise routine or rehabilitation? Our licensed massage therapists offer a relaxing and therapeutic experience that addresses and relieves pain through myofascial release. Treat your body and mind to a therapeutic massage. Call us now and book your appointment!




We wouldn't be a complete holistic wellness center without offering Acupuncture. Benefits include:

  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Immune system strengthening
  • Minimal invasiveness 
  • Relaxation
  • Pain relief and management

Read more about Acupuncture and its benefits here.

Give us a call at 212.247.8436 and schedule your appointment today!

*All of our acupuncturists are Independent Providers and are not employed by Manhattan Physio Group.
Michelle Pesce


We welcome to the practice Michelle Pesce Goldfarb, Certified Nutritional Therapist. Michelle is the founder of Hello Palate, a science based nutritional practice with a compassionate understanding of the relationship food has on one's overall health. Her approach is custom tailored to each person's individual needs. 

Read more about Michelle here.

Give us a call at 212.247.8436 and schedule your appointment today!


Infrared Sauna

Take advantage of the benefits of our Infrared Sauna. With regular use, some of the benefits are:

  • Detoxification
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Pain relief 
  • Relaxation
  • Cell health 
  • Improved circulation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Weight loss
  • Wound healing

*Please consult your doctor before starting any infrared sauna treatments.