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Manhattan Physio Group offers individualized sessions using the
GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® created by Juliu Horvath.  

GYROTONIC® is a form of 3-dimensional, continuous motion that integrates breathing and the principles of both yoga and pilates into an optimal and individualized workout.  At Manhattan Physio Group, our sessions are based on physiotherapeutic knowledge that transforms GYROTONIC® into a more rehabilitative and preventative workout.  


With the stressors of city life surrounding us, GYROTONIC® allows us to return to a balanced state through continuous, meditative motion.  The simultaneous practice of breathing and movement not only aligns the body but also calms the soul. By strengthening the weaker parts of the body, the GYROTONIC® method stabilizes the body while relieving tension. The 3-dimensional motion unwinds muscles and fascia to open up the body. The sessions will not only help you survive in the midst of stress but thrive.


Often we lose touch with the purpose of our everyday actions. The thoughtfulness involved in the practice of GYROTONIC® returns intention back to our physical actions. Actively thinking about each move and breath teaches a mindfulness that persists into everyday life. Each thought and motion helps prepare the mind to multitask both mentally and physically.


The wear and tear of daily stressors on your body takes a toll on your quality of life.  Prevent these imbalances or complement your recovery with individualized GYROTONIC® sessions.  The exercises both strengthen and lengthen your body while correcting the alignment of your spine. The custom combination of moves works to address any stress affecting the body. Whether the goal is prevention, anti-aging, or athletic success, GYROTONIC® sessions can aid you in your path.