Facebook announcement

Dear Friends of Manhattan Physio Group, 
We would like to share with you that Manhattan Physio Group will no longer be participating on the social media network, Facebook. 

While it was helpful to have utilized this platform as a way to connect with friends far and wide, it became evident that Facebook is not a network medium that falls in line with our ethics and standards. 
As a healthcare facility, we must make your privacy a priority. Per current events, we believe that Facebook is unable to insure a safe and protected forum for social interaction at this time. Therefore, Manhattan Physio Group must say “Farewell”. 
Manhattan Physio Group will continue to maintain a presence on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, though our engagement with these companies is limited at present.  We will continue to offer you updates so you can stay in-the-know. We will also be revamping our website in the coming months, so you can have a better experience booking your appointments, reading interesting articles in our blog and learning more about our staff and future projects. 
We value your loyalty and trust.  We will continue to strive forward with your continued support as a leader in the Physical Therapy and Wellness industries.  Thank you for your confidence in us.
Adolfo Mendez-Nouel
CEO and Creative Director
Manhattan Physio Group